Medical Grade Facials

Medical Facials are the ultimate way to deep clean pores and rejuvenate your complexion beginning with a skin analysis for personalized results 413 Medical Aesthetics.

What are Medical Facials?

Completely customized to your skin, this facial is created using the most effective devices and the strongest medical-grade ingredients on the market. Whether you are concerned about acne, aging, or sensitive skin, we will tailor the treatment to maximize skin quality and health.  This can be followed by LED therapy, which stimulates collagen production and enhance your skin’s ability to heal from inflammation.

Medical grade facials help to best present the most visible and expressive part of you; your face! Our facial treatments use the best products, available only to medical practitioners, and advanced technologies to exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin.

Our customized Medical Grade Facials include:

Rejuvenation-Anti aging 

Sensitive skin 




Medical Grade Facials

Get a FREE skin health assessment with any Medical Grade Facial treatment for a limited time.

The procedure of a Medical Facial

The process is always customized to each patient and their skin care needs. A comprehensive skin health assessment will be performed as part of the treatment.

The steps we take for a Medical Grade Facial may include:

  • Deep cleanse (warm towels) 
  • Exfoliate: Enzyme or exfoliant provided based on skin type/Condition after consultation.
  • Steam – Optional based on skin condition 
  • Extractions – A process of clearing clogged congested pores (blackheads) An ultrasonic device or comedone extractor may be used.
  • Celluma® LED Blue if there is Acne present or a lot of extractions were previously performed.
  • Facial massage or manual Lymphatic drainage 
  • Treatment Mask
  • Celluma® LED RED Therapy 

We also provide add-on services for Medical Grade Facials such as eye treatment, Hydrojelly Masks, and LED Celluma®.  Ask us more about these amazing add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can be done year-round, however, every season is different, and the skin requires specific care with the changing climate.
  • We typically recommend coming in for a medical facial every 4-6 weeks for optimal results
  • Medical Grade facials are great prior to a big event, ensuring a healthy vibrate glow
  • Medical facials should always be done prior to any Dermal Fillers or Neuromodulators
  • Patient must wait TWO weeks after injectables to do any medical facials

  • Rejuvenation 
  • Instant hydration and healthy glow 
  • Removes toxins and congestion in the pores 
  • Improves circulation -increasing the flow of oxygen-enriched blood to the cells
  • Enhances relaxation and WELLBEING